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Shopping cart integration on Yellos

To be able to use this properly, you should have a payment gateway on Yellos Software List or Yellos Partner Directory. 

1. Select and copy the code (blue text) to clipboard:

<p style="text-align: center;"><a class="mybtn bigbtn" href=""><img src="" alt="icon" />Live Demo | Event Widget</a></p>

2.Go to edit your listing, event or classified ad on Yellos. Click on the HTML Source Editor, see diagram below. 


3. Paste the code anywhere of your choice, you can always change it. Select the text highlighted in blue, this is the link to your Shopping Cart.
4. Go to the url of your shop or booking software. In this case we want to go to Yellos Catering Live Demo.
5. Replace Live Demo (Highlighted in orange) with text of your choice; eg: Order Food.

6. Save, you're ready to promote your listing and start selling. If you need help in promoting your listing, classified or event, request Live Chat support.


How to Join Yellos Affiliate Network

Here are the few steps you need to get started on Yellos Affiliate Network a: Sign UP Sign Up on Yellos Affiliate Network and start creating revenue for yourself in less than 10 minutes. b: Select campaign and Banners 1: Select Campaign. This a clear choice but you can also proceed to 2: Select Banners. c: Select Banners 1: If you have a website or blog, get the code and paste it inside the website. The banner image appears exactly as it is here. 2: If you don't have ...

User Guide

Yellos is the new global online directory for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With our advanced technology and geo-targeting utility, we help you be found by local consumers anywhere in the world. We work with local businesses to give you a competitive access in finding shoppers and marketing in a fast changing world.

The Directory is designed to allow advertisers, create their own listings, upload photos, pay, and even manage renewals. They can also view listing traffic statistics, leads, and respond to reviews. At the end of the term specified, the listing owner will get an automated email to renew.



Geo-targeting: You can build your listing to give visitors content specific to their current location (ex: New York City listings will display for site visitors searching from New York City; San Francisco listings will display for site visitors searching from San Francisco). This gives listing owners and sponsors the ability to reach highly targeted audiences through their site content, increasing click-through rates and ROI by only showing relevant content to your directory’s visitors.

Back-end dashboard shows sponsors how many views, calls, and click-through their listing is receiving, making their renewal decision that much easier. Stats are also sent by automated monthly email.

Control every SEO aspect of your listing, event or classifieds: Titles, Meta, even your keywords. You can set rules for pages or update your pages with the specific text you want to target.

HTML Editor for Listing Descriptions: This feature provides listing owners access to HTML rich-text editing tools on listing’s description field. Listing have the ability to add colors, bold and italicize text, and add hyperlinks, shopping cart buttons as well as other changes available through the WYSIWYG editor.

Advanced Social Media Plugins: This feature allows listing owners to display and share their own Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram feeds to their listing’s detail page.

Multiple Addons: Listing owners can offer multiple deals or coupons, besides, you can also add multiple events and classifieds on the listing page.

Drive business to your customers via Deals and Coupons: Deals and Coupons are great for driving business to your sponsors. Advertisers can create deals or coupons with their listing, while also setting time and quantity limits for their offers that visitors can redeem right from the site. Visitors have the chance to share the opportunity with their contacts via social networks as well.

Event Listings are fully featured with photos, descriptions, date and location information, directions, and even reviews. Create a one time or recurring listing for regularly occurring events using the Recurring Event Feature. For example, set it for the first Monday of the month or every Tuesday and Thursday.

How to add a Listing

Adding a listing