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Take your facility online with credit card gateway and let users book online today.

The Yelloland is a travel, accommodation and rental portal designed for online users as well as Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Hotel Owners, Car Hire, Flight Operators. A one-stop solution for the hospitality industry.


Unlimited room type & room numbers + local currency.


If you are a facility owner or travel agent, you won't have to invest in complex reservation system to stay in business. With Yelloland, your clients will easily find you. Uploading important information on site is very easy because the portal comes with many simplified templates, even the least experienced web users with ordinary computer skills can upload and manage their own content on the site.


It takes an average of half hour to start selling online.


All facility owners have access to a formidable backend dashboard. This enables you to update online facility availability, rates, pictures, texts and last minute inventory. Furthermore, we will promote your facility through our extensive network of over 130 distribution partners worldwide.

Don't have a computer? No problem.

Everything about Yelloland Booking; from hotels, flights, vacation rentals, package tours and car / bus hire; everything is possible by simply using a mobile phone. Doing business has never been so easy. Besides, every site visitor is asked if they want to share their geo-data. Meaning distance to the nearest Booking facility.

Yelloland Booking features:
  • Hotel, B&B, Flights, rentals and package tours set up.
  • Add domain name to your Yelloland listing.
  • Add your address location and payment gateway.
  • Add your rooms, availability, suppliments and prices.
  • Set your promotions and conditions.
  • Add shopping coupons and gift cards.
  • Promote on Social Media like Facebook etc.
  • Start selling within minutes and earn money.

Take your Reservation Business online with Yelloland for FREE!

Add your facility or rentals, set pricing, and publish. But if you encounter a problem, we're here. No voodoo, it's that simple!

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